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My bear Emily is beating rose at Pac man. haha!! If you see her face, she's crying. Haha


Rose is pointing at my Funnel. Wow! That thing is messed up.


That is rose's blood, you'll see why that is her blood soon. haha Just kidding it's jello. But I did kill her.


haha those are my moms glasses, and rose is watching the Jello set.


Rose was making me mad, and yet that is me in the picture beside me, im blowing a bubble.


Rose is so mine. DIE!


That's rose dead. Haha What a sucker for a sucker. lol


Rose is on a leash.


rose and me. =]


She's attacking me.



In our Jello Making gear!


haha fun times!

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Nice Pictures, I'm glad you're active.
lol thanks