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bored? yes

hello im really bored so i saw this in meggans journal.. so mm yea i joined. i dont know any of you except meggan kind of and i have no clue what the community is all about either. im not diggin the whole maroon 5 stuff either. but its k..

dont know how to do lj cuts so here..

Name: kara
Age: 14
Location: somewhere michigan

Hair Color: dark brown, but ive been told it looks kinda redish
Eye Color: blueish greenish
Peircing/Tatoos: no tatoos.. peircings one in each ear
Post A Pic Of You: my richtext isnt working

Pick One
Paris/Nicole: sick, neither
Britney/Christina: neither
Usher/Snoop Dogg: snoop dizzle
Team Hawk/ Team Bam: TEAM BAM
Prep/Punk: preps suck, so do people who SAY they are punk.
Black/Pink: black

Long Answers [slash] What do you think of
Gay/Lesbian Relationships: i have no problem with it. just lesbians are pretty dumb cause girls are ugly and [some] guys are hott
Abortion: whatever the mom wants to do
Abercrombie: for little kiddies
Hot Topic: has sweet shirts and other cool stuff
The 80's: just missed them
The 90's: was ok i guess. kind of a dumb answer
Paris Hilton: dirt bag

Post a Random Picture: my richtext isnt working
Random Fact: uhh hot cheetohs are good
Is the beer can half empty or full?: empty, people who drink are losers
Do you own any 'Pokemon' cards?: hecks yea man they are the shiz
Do you have a crush on Kevin G?: ..... who?
Name a quote from your favorite movie: napolyne you're just jelous cuase ive been talkign to babes online all day today

Last Questions
Quote to Live By: screw drama, just have fun.
Rule #9: PUDDING whoaa im smart
Make a word: nahh that takes up too much brain work.
Favorite Swear word: swearing is really for kids who think they are cool. sometimes i do say shit though.
Last Words: umm you shoudl do the + and - things for mine and uhh yea toodles
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