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A little about you
Name: Becca
Age: 13
Location:  Troy, Michigan
AIM/AOL Sn:  rovbr

Height:  4'9" I hate being short!!
Eye Color:  blueish green
Hair Color: brownish blonde
Piercings:  three, cartilage and ear lobes

Songs:  I'm Not Okay<--My Chemical Romance Vitamin R<--Chevelle
Singers: does that include bands?? anyway, Snoop, CKY, breaking benjamin
TV Shows:  Viva La Bam and Jackass
Movies: Meet The Fockers, Fat Albert, Happy Gilmore
Stores: Pacsun fo' sho'
Food: pizza
Drink:  coke

Why are you applying for this community?  I can vote and promote....
How did you find this community?  evan
If you get accepted will you vote for us as best community? of course
What if you got rejected? Would you still vote for us?  probably
Have you ever seen Mean Girls? Give me a quote from it: He's almost too gay to function.
I know you want Kevin G but, Do you love me?  yeahhhh
How much? a lot =]
Haha I'm getting annoying now. Don't you think? not really
Is this getting to be a waste of your time?  if i get rejected, then yes.
Thought so. Do you like hamsters?  nope
How do you want to die?  in a happy sleep when I'm old
Sing a random commercial jingle: rip, slip, brush, ah!
Your last dream was: it was really weird, all I remember was buying a bagel in the lunch line at school, weird, I know.
Man you're weird. Is the glass half empty or half full:  half full
Amuse me in some way/shape/form.
Random fact about you:  umm.... i like to skateboard

Which? Tell why.
Love/hate I dont know, to hate someone is fun but to love someone is awesome too
Aol/Aim Aim because you can view more profiles
Pink/Black oh crap, my two favorite colors but i would probably go with black because everything goes with black
Soda/Water soda even though its more fatening but it tastes much better
PSP/PS PS just because I like it more
Sparkles/Glitter sparkles because they sparkle more
Prep/Punk punk because they're more chilled out instead of being preppy
Chocolate/Carmel/Fluff:  chocolate always makes you feel better =]

Have you...
Been dumped:  nope
Dumped someone: yes
Made out: no
Shoplifted: no
Gone to jail: no
Done drugs: no
Drank: yes but only like a sip or two when my parents drink

For or against
Love at first site:  for
Make up: for
Drugs: against
Prejudice:  against
Gay/lesbian/bisexual relationships: for 
Using someone: against
Digital cameras: for

Thoughts on...
Abortion:  if your just giving your child away then its totally useless but if its for a good reason like getitng pregnant as a teenager and can't take care of the baby then we understand
Gay Marriages: im not sure its ok to have a relationship with someone of the same gender but getting married? i dunno
Britney Spears:  love her she just needs to get a new fashion sense
Hilary Duff: eww..... way to preppy
Kiss: totally out of style
Paris Hilton: omg i love paris!!
Lemons: wtf? they're sour but i like them

Post a picture: i just got a new digital camera for x-mas but i havent hooked it up yet...when i do that ill put one up
Make up a word and define it:  famn...fuck and damn
Make Me Laugh: pudding
Quote you live by:  live life like its your last day
Last words? pudding? lol
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