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A little about you
Name: Meggan Irene Leitch  
Age: 69
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan  
AIM/AOL Sn: nadsrockmyworld

Height: 5'3ish
Eye Color: Blue , Greyish  
Hair Color:  Blonde with Black tips
Piercings: Ears

Songs: Mr. Brightside- the KILLERS, Love Song- the CURE, The shooting star that destroyed us all- A Static Luallby, Ohio is for lovers- Hawthorne Heights, Blitzkreig Bop- the RAMONES , Lover i dont have to love- Bright eyes
Singers:  Robert Smith , Conner Oburst
TV Shows:  Viva La Bam, Jackass, Mad TV, Howard Stern, South Park
Movies:  Slackers, SLC punk, DOGMA, American Beauty, Taking Lives, The Lion King, Rules of Attraction, GIA, 40 Days and 40 nights
Stores: Pac sun, Hot topic, TARGET , Best buy  
Food: Tacos and Sweet and Sour Pork
Drink:  Mountain Dew and Coffee

Why are you applying for this community? Evan asked me to and olivia and i are going to be the bitches of it  
How did you find this community? Evan
If you get accepted will you vote for us as best community?  SHYEAAH unless i join a Shannyn community
What if you got rejected? Would you still vote for us?  No you better accept me damnit i know where you live
Have you ever seen Mean Girls? Give me a quote from it: yes "thats so fetch" <<was such a gay movie
I know you want Kevin G but, Do you love me?  Who the fuck is Kevin G? No i dont
How much? About as much as i love my own ass
Haha I'm getting annoying now. Don't you think?  Yeah
Is this getting to be a waste of your time? No not really i have nothing better to do
Thought so. Do you like hamsters?  No they remind me of in 6th grade when rudy longo tryed selling his
How do you want to die? Happy
Sing a random commercial jingle: "There s a place for fun in your life MALL OF AMERICA"
Your last dream was:  With Shannyn Sossamon and we were watching an Angelina Jolie movie and she told me i was hot but then i woke up....damnit
Man you're weird. Is the glass half empty or half full: Half Empty  
Amuse me in some way/shape/form.  want to play the penis game?
Random fact about you:  I lived in Minnesota

Which? Tell why.
Love/hate those words are both used veery loosely now but Love i guess
Aol/Aim AIM ALL THE WAY BABY it doesnt ahve all those fucking sounds and shit
Pink/Black  Black becuase it goes with everything and i hate the color pink
Soda/Water soda ITS POP ASSIE beucase i love it
PSP/PS ...? i dont do video games
Sparkles/Glitter SPARKLES, glitter reminds me of that shitty movie that mariah carrey did
Prep/Punk Punk because its a great music non conformity bitches but im talking real punk not fucking green day  
Chocolate/Carmel/Fluff: carmel mmmmm...carmel cuppachinos mmmm

Have you...
Been dumped: Like once
Dumped someone: Yeah
Made out: Yeah
Shoplifted: Nope thats marie and olivias gig
Gone to jail: Nope not yet
Done drugs: Yeah
Drank: Yeah

For or against
Love at first site: For  
Make up: For
Drugs: For
Prejudice: Against
Gay/lesbian/bisexual relationships: For  
Using someone: For
Digital cameras: For

Thoughts on...
Abortion: Its a womans own choice if she wants to ahve one or not i would rahter the baby dead then having a shitty life
Gay Marriages: If they are in love why not
Britney Spears: what is there to think on
Hilary Duff: I dont like her
Kiss: the band? they are good LIVE ON JEAN SIMMONS TONGUE
Paris Hilton: Skank but it works for her
Lemons: are good

Post a picture:
Make up a word and define it: emobokiss- means emo boys kissing
Make Me Laugh: (put special word here [Rule #8] ^_^)<<doesnt get that at all ... Imagine Olivia in a fat suit rolling on the ground and screaming she cant breathe
Quote you live by:

i don't believe in an afterlife, so I don't have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For what ever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.   Isaac Asimov

Refusing to grow up is like refusing to accept your limitations. That's why I don't think we'll ever grow up." Robert Smith Melody Maker 3/7/92


Last words? This was my second attempt at filling out this bullshit beucase my goddamn computer froze

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[+++++]The last name Leich
[+]Megan reffering to her as 'The bitches of this'
[+]The Killers
[+]Viva La Bam
[-]A picture of you dumbass! hah
OH YAY IM COOL WOOO well you have to be more specific ok god lol