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Name: Chrissy
Age: 13
Location: MA

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Peircing/Tatoos: Ears, twice.
Post A Pic Of You:

Pick One;
Paris/Nicole: Neither
Britney/Christina: Britney, still hate them both though.
Usher/Snoop Dogg: Neither, but Snoop
Team Hawk/ Team Bam: Hawk.
Prep/Punk: Even though I am a prep, I have to say that punks are 1000x cooler.
Black/Pink: Pink

Long Answers [slash] What do you think of;
Gay/Lesbian Relationships: They don't bother me. They are just like everyone else. I think it's fine if two people of the same sez have a relationship, it doesn't make a difference.
Abortion: Since I am 13 I don't have experience with that. But, I would have to say it's the mothers choice.
Abercrombie: I shop there, but it is so pricey!! I like most of there clothes, but some of it is slutty, so I stick to different stores.
Hot Topic: That store is cool, well, i've only been there twice, I was looking for an GIR shirt, and some pins. But I was scared that I would get beat up because I'm a prep. Since Punks are like 1000x cooler lol.
The 80's: Well, I wasn't born then, but some of the music kicks ass.
The 90's: I love the 90's that was my whole childhood. I loved it. I no this isn't much of a long answer, and i'm sorry.
Paris Hilton: Well, i have no clue what she is like, people say one thing that's bad, others say good. So I don't really know the story is with her. She is pretty though.

Post a Random Picture:

 haha, that makes me laugh. I've almost have done that before.
Random Fact: I love you!
Is the beer can half empty or full?: half full.
Do you own any 'Pokemon' cards?: Haha, I used too. I loved Peekachue...or however you spell it.
Do you have a crush on Kevin G?: no, but his rap on mean girls made me crack up.
Name a quote from your favorite movie: Either...

I don't hate you because you're fat. Your fat because I hate you.


Love makes you do crazy things. Insane things. Things you wouldn't think in a million years that you would do. -Wicker Park

Last Questions;
Quote to Live By: live life like its your last day
Rule #9: Pudding
Make a word: Fids means Fucking Kids
Favorite Swear word: bitch, or fuck
Last Words: wooot!! bring on the voteing </center>

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