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A little about you
Name:  Krissy Danielle
Age:  12
Location:  Greenfiled Indiana
AIM/AOL Sn:  V0tef0rpedr0x3

Height: 5'1
Eye Color:  green
Hair Color:  blonde
Piercings:  one in each ear

Songs:  "okay i believe you but my tommy gun don't"-brand new "i so hate consequences"-relient k
Singers: ryan cabrera<33
TV Shows: the oc, degrassi, o'grady, fresh prince
Movies: lost in translation, NAPOLEON, mean girls, thirteen
Stores: american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, aeropostale, target, THE DOLLAR SECTION AT WALMART. oh baby turn me on.
Food: auntie ann's pretzles and cinnabons
Drink: cherry pepsi and french vanilla frap

Why are you applying for this community? because i was forced to by the taliban..
How did you find this community?  evan..biznatch
If you get accepted will you vote for us as best community?  sure
What if you got rejected? Would you still vote for us?  yes because evan, sweetie
Have you ever seen Mean Girls? Give me a quote from it: DANNY DEVITO I LOVE YOUR WORK!
I know you want Kevin G but, Do you love me? YES
How much? let's get nasty, baby
Haha I'm getting annoying now. Don't you think? no not really.
Is this getting to be a waste of your time? nah
Thought so. Do you like hamsters? of course!
How do you want to die? in a bathtub
Sing a random commercial jingle: headache, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, diareha! hey pepto bismal!
Your last dream was:  having my health teacher that sandy from the oc should be my role model.
Man you're weird. Is the glass half empty or half full:  it empty, i drank it all.
Amuse me in some way/shape/form. click this
Random fact about you:  my bellybutton can come out it's weirddd

Which? Tell why.
Love/hate  love because im so emo with my track jackets and square glasses. o.o
Aol/Aim  aim cause its better
Pink/Black  pink cause black is not for lovers<3
Soda/Water  water cause it has no taste, yet it tastes good.
PSP/PS  eh...?
Sparkles/Glitter  glitter because you can put it on your jeans.
Prep/Punk  prep because everyone else is punk these days.
Chocolate/Carmel/Fluff:  carmel cause its gooey.

Have you...
Been dumped:  yes
Dumped someone: yes
Made out:  HECK YES!
Shoplifted: nah
Gone to jail: nah
Done drugs: yeah
Drank: oh goodness yes

For or against
Love at first site:  sight, you mean? im kidding. um, against cause it's not true.
Make up: for baby
Drugs: for
Prejudice: against
Gay/lesbian/bisexual relationships: for cause those gays are so cute
Using someone: against!
Digital cameras: camwhores unite<3

Thoughts on...
Abortion: a woman should have a choice
Gay Marriages: should be legalized, love is love
Britney Spears: AWESOME!
Hilary Duff: eh.
Kiss: the band? i dont really listen to them..
Paris Hilton: THE BEST EVER!
Lemons: lemonheads<3

Post a picture: photobucket's not working! i'll be a camwhore soon promise

Make up a word and define it:  snooglepoop=best friend
Make Me Laugh: (put special word here [Rule #8] ^_^) PUDDING. i like vanilla pudding.
Quote you live by:  i love you.
Last words? vote for me.

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