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A little about you

Name: Lauren

Age: Soon To Be Sixteen

Location: Massachusetts

AIM/AOL Sn: nah



Height: just under 5'6

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Piercings: Sadly none... I've had my ears pierced three times, and they've closed up each time



Songs: I don't have one specific favorite, but one of my favorites would have to be Purple Haze – Hendrix

Singers: So many - Incubus, No Doubt, Hendrix, Ozzy.. goes on

TV Shows: Will&Grace, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Family Guy, The Simpsons

Movies: The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, Super Troopers, EuroTrip

Stores: Target, PacSun, QuikSilver

Food: Anything Italian, Ice Cream, Pizza, Buffalo Chicken

Drink: I know we all need water but it is one of my favorites. Other than that, I'd have to say sprite or rootbeer



Why are you applying for this community? I'd like to meet new people

How did you find this community? a promo community

If you get accepted will you vote for us as best community? Of Course

What if you got rejected? Would you still vote for us? In all honesty, I'd probably put the community in the past if I didn't re-apply. However, probably yes if it really is a good community!

Have you ever seen Mean Girls? Give me a quote from it: Absolutely I almost died when I got it for Christmas. "There's a 30% chance that it's already raining! " - Karen. "Taylor Zimmerman, two for you. Glenn Coco... Four for you, Glenn Coco. You go, Glenn Coco!"-Damien. (One of my favorites I don't know why) I could go on with quotes!

I know you want Kevin G but, Do you love me? Well Kevin G is a hot math nerd/BADASS.. but I love you too ;)

How much? More than you'll ever know!

Haha I'm getting annoying now. Don't you think? No not at all... working as a cashier I deal with a lot of jackasses. This is just entertaining

Is this getting to be a waste of your time? Nope

Thought so. Do you like hamsters? I wouldn't get one of my own but they're cute

How do you want to die? Knowing that I have could have lived my life to the fullest.

Sing a random commercial jingle: "Hey Tony, I like the things you do! Hey Tony, if I could I would be you! You are the one and only tiger, with the one and only taste. You know how to take breakfast and make it GREAT! Frosted Flakes are more than good... They're Grrrreat!"…I have come to conclusion that I need to get out of the house after reciting that.

Your last dream was: About people in my math class and english class rollerblading to Boston on the high way to a candy store. It was really weird. I know it was supposed to be Boston but sometimes it looked like I was in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Really weird.

Man you're weird. Is the glass half empty or half full: Depends on my mood or what comes out of my mouth.. at the moment, half full.

Amuse me in some way/shape/form:

Random fact about you: When I was born, I came out of the womb sideways and broke my collarbone.


Which? Tell why?

Love/hate: Hmm. They're both 4 letter words that are used too much. I'm going to have to go with love, though. This may sound cliche, but I think the world needs more love than hate.

Aol/Aim: Aim. I had aol and I could not stand it. It was so slow and annoying. Aim all the way.

Pink/Black: Hot Pink. I like bright colors that catch your attention.

Soda/Water: Depends on what I'm eating but I'd say water. Soda isn't too good for you (but it still tastes good) but I prefer water.

PSP/PS: PlayStation 2, I guess because I have it and for the games I have I think the graphics are pretty good.

Sparkles/Glitter: Sparkles. Not sure why but sure.. sparkles.

Prep/Punk: Prep I suppose. I guess I'd be considered a Prep because I'm an athlete, but I do like punk songs.

Chocolate/Carmel/Fluff: Chocolate all the way. As long as I can remember I've been addicted to chocolate!


Have you...

Been dumped: I've never had a serious relationship

Dumped someone: (see above answer)

Made out: Sadly.. no. I'm pathetic.

Shoplifted: I did once when I was younger. I felt so guilty after. I haven't since.

Gone to jail: Nope

Done drugs: I've tried marijuana

Drank: Yes, but not to the point where I've had a hangover.


For or against

Love at first site: Against. I don't believe in it. I believe in physical attraction at first site but not love.

Make up: For. If you want to wear it and feel better about yourself right on. Personally, I don't like to use alot just make it look natural, but if someone else wants it, why not?

Drugs: Fore. In a perfect world there would be nothing to hurt someone, but we don't live in one. There's different types of drugs: ones that help with headaches and others that are illegal and "get you high as a kite". If you want to do that stuff go ahead. Your body, your choice.

Prejudice: Against. We're all people and I believe no one is perfect so there's no need to judge someone based on something they can't change.

Gay/lesbian/bisexual relationships: For. I have no problem with homosexuality. I myself am straight, but I know plenty of people who are gay. If someone wants to express their love differently than you, let them.

Using someone: Against. Someone always gets hurt and I don't think it's right to use someone.

Digital Cameras: For. Yeah they are expensive but pictures looks so much better.


Thoughts on...

Abortion: I think it's the woman's choice. Although, I think adoption is a better choice, I think abortion should be legal for a woman, especially if there would be complications. Plus, if made illegal women would find a way to have an abortion but it would be less safe.

Gay Marriages: Like I previously said, I'm all for gay marriages. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and I think that if a man and woman can get married why not to men or two women.

Britney Spears: I've gone to a concert of hers (free tickets). Her voice is mostly made by a computer but she is a great performer. Her dancing is unbelievable and she must be doing something right so be a celebrity and have all that money.

Hilary Duff: She tries too hard. Personally, I'd rather Hilary Duff never sing a song again. I think her music is awful and she portrays the "stereotypical girl" like a dumb blonde.

Kiss: They're a classic but I think they need to stop performing. They're time has come and gone.

Paris Hilton: I love Paris Hilton. People say she got famous for being famous, but hell if I had all that money and body I'd be doing or wearing whatever I wanted.

Lemons: I like lemons.. I love sour things. :)



Post a picture:

Make up a word and define it: "Fetch".. Nah I wouldn't take that. Pyscopalentic - something amazing that happened

Make Me Laugh: Pudding!!

Quote you live by: "Always maintain your dignity"

Last words? Aloha?
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