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[1|26|05 @ 10:25 am]

[ mood | sick ]

Gurgle, Gurgle. I'm sick. I have nemonia in my left lung :-/. It sucks! But, I get to miss the whole week of school =]. Please, make me feel better :).

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[1|17|05 @ 11:58 pm]


Pictures of me and my friend when she slept overCollapse )

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[1|17|05 @ 1:51 pm]

[ mood | creative ]

We should list some interests, so when people look up a certain thing, they will see our community, ya know?

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[1|16|05 @ 11:37 am]

Random Picture/ Promo/Accepted/ Rejected =]Collapse )
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[1|16|05 @ 11:35 am]

+8; Your Mod!Collapse )
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[1|16|05 @ 6:23 am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Application ♥Collapse )

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[1|13|05 @ 12:22 pm]

[ mood | my eyes itch ]

ok people this community sucks balls we need more/new people besides all of evans friends (no offense)

we must get more entertaining lol and no one has actually posted a pic except for one person so this isnt a good rating community is it? so i think we should do a complete re vamp of this community or make a new one that isnt a rating community but maybe it should say WE LOVE TO SEE PICS or something

just an idea

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To get more members... [1|4|05 @ 2:43 pm]

What if there was a "first 10 get auto accepted" deal going around.. then maybe the community can grow?

Just an idea ;)
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bored? yes [1|3|05 @ 5:14 pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hello im really bored so i saw this in meggans journal.. so mm yea i joined. i dont know any of you except meggan kind of and i have no clue what the community is all about either. im not diggin the whole maroon 5 stuff either. but its k..

dont know how to do lj cuts so here..

Name: kara
Age: 14
Location: somewhere michigan

Hair Color: dark brown, but ive been told it looks kinda redish
Eye Color: blueish greenish
Peircing/Tatoos: no tatoos.. peircings one in each ear
Post A Pic Of You: my richtext isnt working

Pick One
Paris/Nicole: sick, neither
Britney/Christina: neither
Usher/Snoop Dogg: snoop dizzle
Team Hawk/ Team Bam: TEAM BAM
Prep/Punk: preps suck, so do people who SAY they are punk.
Black/Pink: black

Long Answers [slash] What do you think of
Gay/Lesbian Relationships: i have no problem with it. just lesbians are pretty dumb cause girls are ugly and [some] guys are hott
Abortion: whatever the mom wants to do
Abercrombie: for little kiddies
Hot Topic: has sweet shirts and other cool stuff
The 80's: just missed them
The 90's: was ok i guess. kind of a dumb answer
Paris Hilton: dirt bag

Post a Random Picture: my richtext isnt working
Random Fact: uhh hot cheetohs are good
Is the beer can half empty or full?: empty, people who drink are losers
Do you own any 'Pokemon' cards?: hecks yea man they are the shiz
Do you have a crush on Kevin G?: ..... who?
Name a quote from your favorite movie: napolyne you're just jelous cuase ive been talkign to babes online all day today

Last Questions
Quote to Live By: screw drama, just have fun.
Rule #9: PUDDING whoaa im smart
Make a word: nahh that takes up too much brain work.
Favorite Swear word: swearing is really for kids who think they are cool. sometimes i do say shit though.
Last Words: umm you shoudl do the + and - things for mine and uhh yea toodles

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[1|3|05 @ 9:35 am]


cam whore, yoCollapse )

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application [1|2|05 @ 8:00 pm]
[ mood | content ]

screw spiffy titleCollapse )

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[1|1|05 @ 10:49 pm]

This community isn't doing to well.
I've tried getting the name out there.

I think I'm going to leave for now.. someday I'll come back.

Happy New Year
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[1|1|05 @ 6:23 pm]

[ mood | deb-y ]

it's just a ride, it's just a ride, don't be scared, don't hide your eyesCollapse )

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[12|31|04 @ 7:55 pm]

i'll apply when the application is shorter. dammit.
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[12|31|04 @ 12:26 am]

Alright, since this community just started, I was thinking..to get more people to know about us, we should have something like, "Promote our community to atleast one other community and give the link" in the application. What do you think?
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Application [12|30|04 @ 11:29 pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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[12|29|04 @ 10:00 pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I just promoted in about 15 promo communities. So hopefully we'll take off soon.

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[12|29|04 @ 6:45 pm]

oh and id like to say evan you need a different background or move it over to the left or something lol becuase i cant read shit and highlighting takes to much effort
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[12|29|04 @ 5:57 pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Read more...Collapse )

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[12|29|04 @ 5:19 pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I don't need a spiffy title, damn itCollapse )

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[12|29|04 @ 4:21 pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I want you and your Beautiful SoulCollapse )

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[12|29|04 @ 4:00 pm]

I heart Evan's community
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